Do I really need a stud?


Hiya – I just got a new set of tires and learned that one of the bolts/studs on one of my wheels was stripped and unrepairable. I’m told I need to have a new one put on the wheel, which I’m intending on doing, but was about to leave for a road trip (total 500 miles) – can I risk it till I get back? The other four bolts have been chased (some louse stripped the bolts on the one wheel) and have nice new lugnuts on them. Its that fifth stud I’m worried about…




Studs are a stock item at most parts stores. Why wait? Shouldn’t take more than a half hour to fix once you have the stud in hand.


huh, i had the impression it was something a shop had to do. i can do this myself?


Well, yes, it takes a press which means a shop, but it should not take long.


Thanks for the tip/advice. I appreciate it…


I also strongly recommend that you have the other four changed, which will add about 5 minutes labor and a few bucks per stud to the job. “Chasing” studs does not return them to their original strength, and the studs may even have been stretched at the base weakening the material.


If the car hasn’t been stressed significantly, it should be OK to replace the one stud. Reasonable driving around town and even on the highway should not indicate replacing all the studs.


I think I would worry about all of them.
Chasing the threads could mean any one of several different things.

It could mean a burr or two on the ends (no big deal) or it could mean the threaded shank where the lug nuts grip the most is beat up pretty badly (could be a big deal if they all let go).


I would have it replaced first unless you want to stop every hundred miles and make sure the bolts are tight. Its really no big deal to put one on and shouldn’t delay your trip at a decent shop. Nothing worse than having the lugs come loose while driving and losing a wheel or wrecking the wheel so that has to be replaced too.