Removing the studs from studded snow tires

Has anyone had experience removing the studs from winter tires?

What works?

If you never want them studded again, it’s a one at a time , pliers and ice pick job.
You cannot re-stud those again and you can’t add studs to studdable tires that have been driven on.
Most people keep their studded tires for next time, either on a separate set of rims or loose.

I used to just use a pair of dikes (diagonal cutters, wire cutters, whatever you want to call them) You can leave the wheels on the car and turn the steering wheel and move car forward or backward, or take the tires inside, get a beer, watch TV, and pick away! Good luck.

Edit: Your snows probably aren’t on the steer tires, it just occurred to me, but you get the jist.

Yes, you can pull them out…This little job will take hours, good luck…Karl described the technique…

I did that once, popped them all out with a 3/16" cabinet tip screwdriver. One leaked afterward, just a pinhole leak from one of the stud locations.

I grew up in Iowa and studded snow tires were the norm when I was a teen.

As I recall, the studs start flying out of the tires at about 100 mph. Makes a lot of noise. A mile or so at 120 should get them all out. However, if you have plastic inner fenders, the inner fenders may not fare too well.