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CR's test drive of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia

…reveals a decently-performing sports sedan, albeit one with a BIG unknown regarding reliability and durability:

Whoops! There was supposed to be a link posted here, and it shows up on my composing screen, but then it disappears when I try to post it.

That’s okay. There’s probably only about 11 people who’ll buy one. :smirk_cat:

Okay, I finally got the link to post!

I didn’t read the whole thing but “seductive styling” caught my eye. I don’t think I would call it that. I’m not impressed with the styling.

Motorweek was also favorably impressed in their test drive. At around $70,000, the Quadroifoglio is out of my price range. I’d like to see their A4 equivalent tested.

They don’t sell another 4 door in the US. Are you talking about a European model? Or maybe you’re thinking of the Maserati Ghibli?

I have seen a couple in the flesh… Thye are VERY good looking cars. The pictures don’t do them justice.

But, they are expensive and Italian so I won’t get to close in case they spontaneously burst into flames or fling parts at me! :laughing:

What could possibly go wrong???

p.s. - don’t google “Lamborghini fires”, it’ll make you cry!


I see Nuh THing, Nothing could go wrong! Nope, nothing to see here… Got any marshmellos??

I think @jtsanders is saying that he would like to see a test of Alfa’s equivalent to the Audi A4.

The Giulia with the equivalent engine to the A4. As the article said, the Quattrafoglio is the equivalent to the M3, or maybe the Audi RS-3. I’m interested in the Giulia with the base engine, the one that most people would buy. It’s fun to read about super sedans, but most of us will never buy one. The A4 seems to be the favorite of most reviewers in the compact luxury sedan market, and I’d like a comparison.

Ah, gotcha. I thought you were referring to a different size body. This one would be like an S4, maybe an RS4 if they sold it in the US.

CR has bought one with the base engine, with some issues. (at 6:24 the Gulia segment starts)

Car and Driver spent a short time with the base models, liked it:

Yikes - they’ve had LOTS of problems already. Oh, well, back in the Italian car category.

sounds strange too say 40k for car is not unreasonable.

The latest issue of motor trend has 2 comparisons with the Alfa Giulia, the main test is the regular version against the A4 and others. Of the 4 examples they’ve driven 2 have been fine and one had to be towed off the freeway, one other stalled getting in place for a photo shoot.

When you consider that the cars loaned to Motor Trend, Car & Driver, and Road & Track are provided to them by the manufacturer–after being very carefully prepped–it really makes you wonder about the reliability of the cars that the average purchaser will get.

Wow, a 50% failure rate. That’s not going to convince anybody that Alfa has their quality in line with others.

Alfa Romeo is still among the finest cars at the side of the road.