Crossbars 06 Subaru Outback

Hi all.
I’m trying to find used crossbars for the roof rack on my 06 Subaru Outback. I’ve had a lot of trouble tracking some used ones down. The dealer has them but I don’t want to pay their inflated prices. Does anybody have a suggestion as to where I can look?


have you tried JC Whitney or Rockauto’s websites?

Use the craigslist helper tool to find a ‘parting out subaru outback’. It lets you find ads from all over the country so there’s a good bet you’ll find someone out there with what you need. Then have that person ship it to you.
I’ve done it several times for difficult to find parts.

…or visit one of the auto recycling centers (aka junkyards) in your area.

A wrecked car frequently does not sustain damage in the roof area, so there should be some wrecked Outbacks of the appropriate era with pristine roof rack crossbars ready for the picking.

One hint, too. Don’t leave them up there. A recent test (by Consumer Reports, iirc) showed anything on the roof had measurable effects on gas mileage, including roof rack cross bars. Bicycles were incredibly bad, btw. Much worse than I ever could have imagined.