How do I find parts for my 1992 Subaru Legacy?

I love my car and hope to keep it another 10+ years. So far I’ve had great luck in getting the parts I need to keep it running like new. BUT now I need new driver and passenger window weatherstripping and I’ve been unable to find them. I’d prefer new but would consider used. This is the next level of parts location: any suggestions.

I’ve gotten many parts off Craigslist for our spare 93 impreza. Look for “parting out subaru”. Often other years will fit your year.
Steele Rubber is a good place for gaskets, etc - they may have what you need too.

You might also try contacting the Subaru dealer in Topeka, KS. I think the name now is Briggs Subaru but they used to be Figgs Subaru. They’ve been around forever and unless things have changed, they’re a heavyweight in Subaru parts vending.

I’ve worked for several Subaru dealers in the past who actually used them a number of times as a parts source rather than the corporate Subaru warehouse. They have provided me a few oddball parts for some of my stuff outside of the dealer arena.

You might also ask on a Subaru forum. There’s a pretty strong following for older Subarus.

Here is a link to a good site. There are a lot of dedicated owners on this forum.

Look for a junkyard that specializes in imports and you can pick through it to find the seals you want. Toyota wanted $140 for a friend’s old Corolla I was working on. I went to the local junkyard and got it for $5 and put it in myself.