Best online sites for finding used cars locally besides Craigslist?



What other sites would you suggest for finding used cars locally (in this case a Subaru Outback in Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area) besides Craigslist?


Go to, and have the area code of Silicon Valley handy. Type in all of the info for the car you are interested in. When it shows the car at the end you can click on the find used listings in this area.


If you use the “advanced search” feature on eBay motors, you can narrow it down to a geographical area, make, model, price, etc. I wouldn’t ever buy a car sight unseen off of eBay, but if you can find something local that the seller is willing to let you look over it can be an okay deal.



How is different from Craigslist, KBB and other sites? How does it compare?


Check dealer inventory on line. Since it’s used, it could be at any dealership. Check Subie dealers here:


I’ve not used others sites…have had good success both buying and selling on Autotrader. It will list both private sellers and dealers when you do your search. You enter your zip code–you can search using many different criteria…