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Subaru Outback pet barrier

I have a Subaru Outback with a moon roof that I am getting rid of and it has the Subaru pet barrier.
I am taking the pet barrier out and will sell it for cheap but i want to know what other cars it will fit.
I know it will fit all 2005-2009 Outbacks. I was told it will fit some Forresters. Does anyone know what years it will fit.???

No, it will not fit Foresters, due to the very different dimensions of the interior.

If you want to see which models can also accept your pet barrier, go to one of the online Subaru parts sites (,, and do a search for a pet barrier for 2005-09 Outbacks.

With a bit of noodling around on those sites, you should be able to see which models accept the same pet barrier. One thing I can tell you for sure is that the Outback models with a moonroof take a different pet barrier than the ones w/o a moonroof.

Thanks for the links. I did find that P/N F551SAG500 is speced for a 05-09 Legacy or Outback with a moonroof.

I may be wrong but I thought the Outback was a little bit longer in the truk area. If so, they must use an adaptor (Which I don’t have) in the kit to mount the the roof.

Does anyone know if there is somewhere on line where I may find installation instructions so I can sort this piece out.??? My nearest dealer is a very long ride away.

Personally, I’d just leave it in. Explain to potential buyers what it is, that it was a factory option, and let them decide if they want to keep it or not. It’s unlikely you’ll get much money out of it, and probably isn’t worth the trouble of pulling it out.

“I may be wrong but I thought the Outback was a little bit longer in the truk area. If so, they must use an adaptor (Which I don’t have) in the kit to mount the the roof.”

I am having a very hard time understanding what you said.
By “truk”, I assume that you mean, “trunk”, even though an Outback or a Legacy wagon has a cargo area, rather than a trunk.

Then, there is the issue of, “Outback was a little bit longer…”. As compared to what?
If you mean in comparison to a Legacy wagon, the answer is no. They are the same length.
The only dimensions that differ between an Outback wagon and a Legacy wagon are the amount of ground clearance and the height of the roof.

Can you try restating your question so that I can give you a response that is helpful?

Yes cargo area is what we are talking about. It is a station wagon. I think all Legacy and Outback’s are, but I am happy to be corrected if wrong.

This thing attaches to the roof of the cargo area near the cargo area light with a simple L shaped baracket. It is specific to those modles that have a moon roof. The non-moon roof cars call for a different part number. I am not aware of the differences. It may just come down to adaptors. It also screws into the side walls of the cargo area. There are no adjustments. It all connects with screws on clearance holes( no slots).The clearance is tight around the back seat so if there are some spacial differences between the modles then it may not fit. Unless they have differenct adaptors or spacers?.. Which may come in a brand new kit but I only have what was exactly needed for my car’s application. Which is a legacy, as I made a mistake calling it an outback in the first post. If I could get a picture or parts listing of what comes with this kit brand new it would help ease my concerns and give me confidance i have all of the parts needed to fit the stated applications. I may have to make a trip to a dealer to get this info. If I could down load insturctions that would be ideal. but I have not been able to find such a thing on line.

Sorry for any previous confussion.

You should have no problems. Put an add in Uncle Henry’s from on line if you live in New England. In Maine, everyone has a dog and half the cars are Subarus. If you walk by two houses without a dog or a subaru, the third will have two Subarus in the yard and three dogs. In places like New Hampshire, it drops by only a third. If it was dealer installed or a dealer option, give them a call for details you are asking about.