Used car parts



What’s the best way to search for used car parts? I am looking for a center taillight for a 2000 subaru outback wagon. Have tried e-bay and google, but the paert is either hiding or scarce.


VIP can probably order you a replacement for far less than you’d pay through the dealer.

Boneyards today are all hooked up via the internet. If they can’t locate a used one, it may not be possible for you to either.

#3 is a site that searches through junkyard inventories.

Of course, many many junkyards don’t have inventories of individual parts (and the ones that do are usually more expensive), so I would say using that site would be a plan B after you look up “Auto Parts-- Used” in your local phone book and call around.


No luck on that website, TN yards show LH or RH, not center. The other listing is in alaska.


Go to car-part once again and type in “rear finish panel”.


Thanks for the tips meaneycatz and GreasyJack. Sounds likr I don’t want to meet you guys in a back alley. Anyway searched on “rear finish panel” and “rear body panel” with no finds. Query put out to yards. I have a feeling rear finish panel might be the felt cardboard that goes over the back inside on the hatch.


Locate a “Subaru” salvage yard and call them on the phone and tell them what you need…


Thanks Caddyman, I have been on the horn at all the salvage yards in the area, and even online I have not found one that is exclusively subaru.


Are you sure you’re doing the search right? I looked for a tail light for a 2000 Legacy in the Southeast region and came up with six results for a center one for an Outback Wagon, including one in Oak Ridge. Here’s the entry:

Tail Light
Subaru Legacy OB SW/LENS SCUFFED LOCAL ONLY 000561015 $75 Fox Auto Salvage USA-TN(Oak-Ridge) E-mail 1-865-482-2468 / 1-888-482-4411

Or alternatively if you search for all regions dozens come up-- I’m sure you can get someone to ship.


Sounds likr I don’t want to meet you guys in a back alley…that’s funny. I no longer frequent back alleys. The name is a Johnny Cash song title.

You do not want a rear body panel. That is the metal panel at the rear that is welded or bonded between the quarters that forms the rear. The deck lid latch is bolted to this panel.

If you are looking for the panel mounted on the deck lid or rear gate that incorporates a large reflector or the reverse lamps, then that is the rear finish panel.

Used Subaru parts might be hard to come by. They are a popular car but depending where you are you might not see one everyday. It’s not like finding parts for a Taurus or Impala with million of them out there.

call LKQ Star 800-362-9451 ext 6261. No, that is not me but it is my favorite source for used parts and I buy a bunch. This is part of a chain of yards that has locations all over the U.S.

On some cars yards do not like to sell parts of of an assembly, but not always.