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I have nuts rolling around in the “ceiling” and the hood of my car, evidence that I have had visits from some form of rodent. I am worried that whatever critter this is will gnaw through some wiring if I don’t prevent visits. I was thinking about sprinkling the engine with cayenne pepper but I don’t know if this would help, or do some harm. Does anyone have a solution?

I’ve had problems with chipmunks getting into my vehicle, they build nests in the air intake but have never bothered the wiring! I tried mothballs - but I don’t recommend that! ( Hee Hee) They melt & smell up the whole vehicle! I cleaned out the inside of the intakes with " Fantastic" & I think the smell or residue has kept them away!

Your state Department of Agriculture office will have real expertise in rhodent control. And their services are free.

use live traps and relocate critters…eventually you will get them all.

I have posted on this many times. Ultrasonic repellers work on many animals, I cannot say as far as chipmunks. They do work on rats; mice; venomous lizards; and scorpions. I live in what I call Third World Mexico, and there are all sorts of vermin running around. My underwear drawer was a mouse nursery, which really grosses out my wife.

No more. Less than one scorpion in three months; normal was one a week. No more mice, except we did find a dead one hiding under a cement block. No more rats in the house.

They sell them at Home Depot, though probably not as powerful as they sell here in Mexico.

Ask the agriculture experts someone else mentioned if chipmunks are sensitive or not. They do warn against using them when there are hamsters in the house.

The ones we use will kill mice and lizards. They freeze and probably starve to death when they get close, but usually they go away and stay away.

The only problem is plugging in and unplugging each time.

Nuts does sound more like a squirrel, though they need a fairly large hole, don’t they?