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Critters chewing up air filters and wires

Here in Massachusetts critters, maybe mice, maybe chip monks, love our 2002 and 2003 Camry passenger compartment air filters, as well as our wiring (fan blower) and engine air filter. How can we stop them? They attack both cars, one in the garage and one in the drive. In the garage the only food is bird seed in a metal container. The engine air filter intake we covered with mesh screen, which seems to be working. Recently I have been putting cans of moth balls under the car hood (until we drive the cars) in the hopes of discouraging them. Any better ideas? Thanks.

coyote urine extract. Put it in dishes/pans around the car. Mice don’t like to be where it smells like coyote.

We have had reports those dryer sheet, bounce etc. can work, and probably smell better than critter urine.

I can report that I tried Bounce sheets in and around a car was being stored for several years before I disassembled it for parts. It didn’t work. Mice built a nest on top of the gas tank, in the spare tire well, in the air filter box, and in the passenger seat. The nest on the gas tank was made out of dried grass and pieces of dryer sheet.

Humans can’t smell the animal urine repellants. Only critters can. And they work.


Farm Store Rat Poison will get rid of the source… Painting wires and other attacked items with Tobasco Sauce is also effective…I protect stored vehicles with Moth Balls effectively…