Distructive rodent gnawing under the hood


We have had a rodent, most likely a squirrel, gnawing through the windshield wiper wires and the spark plug cable on our 95 Camry. This pest has caused damaged on these two cables and in the same places THREE TIMES in the past 5 months! I have tried mothballs and “sour apple” spray. The car has to be parked on the street. I also have found grass and small branches tucked in around the engine when this damage has been done. This is annoying and very expensive to repair over and over. Looking for a remedy. Thanks.


My suggestion would be to have him gnaw on the wires with the engine running. Or try looking up squirrel repellents on the internet, I don’t know of any except BB guns.


What part of the country ae you in? Here in the southwest packrats are the problem. Cleaning out the garage or leaving a light on under the hood keeps them away.


I’ve gotten mixed messages about the efficacy of these animal repellents. I’m likely to use a wildlife control specialist to trap the critter.


I live in the San Francisco bay area, near Berkeley. I don’t think we have packrats in the area. We do have opposums, raccoons, rats, and lots of squirrels in the neighborhood.


Try Shake-Away or Squirrel Away, just found it on the net. With a car parked in the street, there’s not much else to do, they come up from underneath.


Thanks for the info…I will look for it on the net. You are so right about the critter coming up under the car but does it have to be my car!!? …everyone around us has their cars parked on the street but we are the only “lucky” ones to have this problem.


Sorry to hear such, could there be something on the wires that would attract them? Try cleaning the wires and maybe spraying with Armor All to make them aweful to taste.


That would be a good solution normaly, but I would bet there’s more to replace him >:[ A cat would be effective, maybe just during the day.


I now wish I had one … there are several cats nearby but it seems to me that they stay clear of the squirrels. I used to think that it was just a “peaceful kingdom” sort of approach but I’m beginning to see that these are aggressive squirrels.


Good thought too…so soon as I have a car again, I will go out and check on nasty tasting auto supplies like Armor All…Is that known for it’s bad taste?..or a logical quess? I am supposed to get the car back today from the shop so I will have to use all of the suggestions and quickly tonight.


Wondering about having a light under the hood at night…but with squirrels they would probably just thank me for the light so they can better see what they are gnawing! It is hard for me not to see the humor in this situation but it is really costly and that is taking most of the humor out of this…If this continues, I will have to find my own replacement parts…the windshield wiper cable can be patched and has been twice with pieces from replacement auto parts lots but this time, because I don’t have time to wait while the mechanic seaches for the part (it takes time and footwork), it is coming from a regular auto parts store and Toyota sells it only as a complete unit and for a lot more $$.


I have caught squirrels with a have a heart trap that I bought from a home supply center. It is a cage type trap. If you catch the squirrel, take it for a ride (if the car runs) about 10 miles and let it go.


I’m developing a shopping list of things…catch and release cage is now on it. I checked with the animal control unit but they say I’m on my own. Just one city over from me, the same county…in that town I would be able to rent a trap and then that animal control unit would take the squirrel away for me. Things I’m learning.

Thanks for the suggestion


Squirrels are good to eat. Accumulate them, cleaned, in your freezer till you have enough to make a good pot of stew. The perfect revenge.