Rats, rats

For the second time this summer, some kind of rodent has gotten under my hood, nested, and eaten through a bunch of wires. I travel for work, so my car sits there for days at a time, giving the little devil or devils ample opportunity. My apartment complex has exterminators come out weekly. I’ve seen them putting out traps. Still, my Check Engine light comes on and the wires are chewed through.

I searched the archive here on Car Talk and found several letters like this, but the answer was always to call an exterminator. Been there, done that, got the chewed wires again.

Is there anything I can do to my car to keep the rat (or whatever it is) out or at least slow him down? I’d rather not put new wires in every other month.

I will try most anything at this point.


[b]The people I know that live out in the country, and have rodent problems with their vehicles set up an owl decoy near the vehicles. And all say it works!