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Mice nests in car motor

What can I do to keep mice and/or other critters from making a nest in my car motor. I have just spent more than $1500 on repairs. Moth balls are out due to high allergic reaction to them.

I had the same problem- even found debris inside the air filter cannister. I used the standard mouse trap and smeared a little peanut butter on the trigger. Nailed one the first night, another a couple days later. Good luck!

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll get some traps and give it a try. They actually chewed the wires and shorted out the car computer. All in less than 24 hours.

Where do you park?

Sounds like chipmunks… Decon rat poison. Follow the instructions on the package. Paint the wiring with Tobasco Sauce…(seriously)

Ultrasonic repellers. I use them here in Mexico in my 2800 square feet house, and the only mouse we have seen since installing them was dead, hiding under a concrete block. Before, my underwear drawer used to fill with them and their babies.

They may sell them places like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Here in Mexico, Wal-mart sells some really powerful ones. We have 5.

They also kill a certain venomous lizard that is stupid enough to run close to them, when their little brains apparently lock up.

Also, we get very few scorpions. We used to get one a week, and at one time I got stung.

Your problem is going to be the need to put the apparatus in every time you park, then take it out when you start, since I doubt they are designed to take high temps in engine compartment.