Creaking noise from 2006 Sprinter steering wheel - when its hot out or cabin is hot

The noise seems to be only when the steering wheel is turned to the right and is coming from the wheel area - not the suspension or wheels. We’ve driven it for 5000 miles since first noticing it - not an issue on short drives in cold weather since it doesn’t happen then. No problem with the steering itself - just this creaking that sounds like something rubbing or something getting too tight. I know the clock spring is under there but don’t want to have that replaced if it’s just a trim piece or gasket or something rubbing and could be solved by lubing it. I don’t want to remove the steering wheel myself. Some suggestions have been to spray WD 40 in the gap between the trim pieces - others say WD 40 will dry out and if grease is needed this won’t work or won’t work for long. Two questions: is it worth trying WD 40 and is it safe to do this?