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Steering wheel makes noise

My car makes a trouble sound when turning the wheel. It has been to the shop and new steering wheel fluids and a few other adjustments were done. I have a friend his daughters car just started making the same sound. My car has been doing this for months. We both have the same make and year car.

OK, I’ll bite…

Year, mileage and maintenance history?

Where does the sound seem to be coming from? The steering wheel itself? Front tires? Which side? Both? Engine? What kind of a sound is it? A grinding, squealing, rubbing? Something else entirely?

Let us know. Give us a chance…

2003,110,000 miles, and well maintained. The sound is from the steering wheel, a rubbing sound, loud and happens when ever turning the wheel in either direction.

OK, not too old, mileage isn’t too far gone. Should be good for quite a while yet…

Try lubricating the steering column, down by the firewall, above the brake pedal. Grease, silicone, or whatever you may have handy. No WD-40, though, and preferably an actual grease, rather than a spray. I’ve heard they get dry and rub like that.

This isn’t a permanent fix, but will tell you whether it’s the column or not. The permanent fix is to replace the column, if this temporary test works.

Worked like a charm. Thanks!