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"My '97 sable makes a creaking noise when I turn the steering wheel

"My car makes a creaking noise when I turn the steering wheel. It steers fine, just makes the noise

Is it a creak or almost a squeek? If it’s the latter, try spraying some silicon spray lube on the rubber boot where the steering column goes thru the firewall above the brake pedal. I’ve had lots of Taurusables make that sort of noise.

I have a 97 Taurus GL wagon that does the same thing and it’s a creak, not a squeeking noise, but the wheel still turns so effortlessly.

Well both of you shoud try the silicone spray. One man’s creak is another man’s squeek. Even if it doesn’t cure the noise, it has dozens of other uses around the house and shop. For instance, slow power windows can often be cured by spraying it into the window tracks. That’ll save burning out an overworked motor.

I will try the silicone spray and get back to you. Thanks