Crackling/static noise at high speeds

So my 2014 Ford Fiesta makes an annoying sound when I’m at 70+ mph. It sounds like static/crackle almost like a candy wrapper. It comes from the passenger side but I can’t necessarily pinpoint from where exactly

Here’s a video of it although it’s hard to hear it from it

Not even going to try if it is hard to hear.

Is it still under warranty?

I mean it’s noticeable in the video buts it’s literally just a crackling sound like a candy wrapper coming from the passenger side around the glove box.

Sadly it’s not under warranty

you got a Ford Fiesta over 70 MPH??

You’re braver than I…


Check around the glove box. Is it loose? Is there paper that stuck up in behind it? I’m at work and couldn’t watch the video, but that is where I would start.

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sure sounds air-flow related.
maybe it IS paper ! or a dry leaf , or a loose weatherstrip.
take along a rider . . or an alternate driver so YOU can listen, follow, investigate, the source.
One common place to start is the cabin air filter and cowl air inlet for debris.


All that I could hear is road noise, but I think that Ken Green is probably on the right track.
The OP should check for an accumulation of leaves, paper, or other foreign objects in the HVAC fan housing.


Or a loose splash shield or wheelwell liner.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions guys. I’ll take the advice and see if I find something.

But yeah it definitely sounds like the noise is inside the car, as if it’s inside the glove box rather than something exterior or way in front off the engine.

Well, since the housing for the HVAC fan is directly in back of the glove box, I think that you should definitely investigate the possibility of leaves, paper, or other foreign objects in the HVAC fan housing.

It’s not at all hard to hear. I hear it clear as day. My car just started making that noise too. After I stopped and looked under I could hear condensation drips falling on the hot pipe and instantly boiling. To me that’s what it sounded like. I was driving it with the ac off but fan on cold. Did you ever figure out what it was? Is it possible it’s just condensation dripping on hot pipe? I thought it was a bee stuck in the glove compartment, or a wire shorting, but it didn’t really happen while driving slow…

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@Jorgeurias27 and @Luis-2112 this is exactly the noise that my Fiesta 2011 makes. It comes from behind the glove box and sounds like dripping/wrapper/crackling and only starts when I’m driving 65mph+. Any suggestions on a fix would be massively appreciated! It definitiely sounds like it’s inside the car.

I had this same sound, and it turned out to be the tiniest leaf wedged in the bottom of windshield frame.

If I heard that sound first step would be to vacuum all debris from the HVAC air-inlet vents (underneath windshield, outside, may have to open hood). Next experiment, tape the window and door openings, see if it goes away. Next I’d look underneath the car for something loose or missing. Still nothing? Then I’d be looking to see there’s leaves or sticks hitting the HVAC blower fan cage. After that … hmmm … well my new-ish refrigerator makes that sound on occasion, manual says it is refrigerant contacting something hot and sizzling. So maybe coming from AC system. Note that AC turns on if defrost selected even in cold weather.

Did you not see how old this is ?