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New car creaking sound


2018 Ford Fiesta SE with 1400 miles. Couple of days ago I noticed a creaking sound (sort of like walking on an old wooden floor), coming from the steering column, when I turn the steering wheel clockwise and counter-clockwise when the car is parked and/or driving at slow speed. Thank you for any input.

this car must be under warranty - USE IT

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Mr. Obvious, here. I’m pretty sure Tubby knows it’s under warranty, but that isn’t what he/she was questioning.

The question appears to be about what is causing it. Should we put you down as a “don’t know” ?

Many of this type a complaint comes back from the service department as “No Problem Found”. It’s better to have an idea as to what is causing it before returning the car to a dealer.


if problem is easily reproducible - dealer will not be able to deny it

if one dealer denies it is a problem, Ford would have as good “dealers per square mile” coverage, as US Post Office has, so getting to another dealer is always an option

Whenever I’ve encountered this type of sound it has usually proven to be caused by the plastic shrouding around the steering column, possibly some part of it rubbing on the steering wheel or steering shaft.

See if placing a hand on the shroud, below or above the column, just behind the steering wheel, helps to quiet the sound.

Another place that the sound can be generated from is a rubber boot around the steering shaft itself at the front floor location.

Since you only hear it while parked or at low speed then it must be fairly faint. Road noise probably makes the sound seem inaudible.

It’s probably nothing serious, but try and figure out where it’s originating, if possible, and discuss it when the car goes into the dealer for the next service visit.

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Its a big hassle having to to leave a car for service and be told that it was perfectly normal and then taking it to another dealership for a second opinion, especially when that service dep. doesnt provide a courtesy vehicle. Therefore, the purpose of me posting here is to be prepared in case they end up writing it up as " NORMAL "

I owned this car for only 3 months and it just started to make this sound recently.

Thank you " common". I will try it out before I take it in.

I must have read between the lines. I hear you! I worked at car dealers for several years. Part of the problem is that car manufacturers often (usually/always) do not compensate technicians enough to do warranty repairs.

Another problem is that many technicians can’t hear as well as the general population due to working with loud impact tools, etcetera, for many years in some cases.

Very few makes have courtesy vehicles , they all have shuttle vans to take a person to work or home . Many have certain days with late hours or Saturday limited service hours . Frankly I cannot fault Greendragon for the post . The first step should always give the dealer a chance to solve a warranty problem and if that doesn’t work then look for another path.

yup, it’s usually the luxury brands

But then again, the customer is in a sense already paying for it. Nothing’s truly free. Somebody is always paying for it

True enough , we are sure that the 5 year bumper to bumper warranty and the choice of loaner vehicles was in the purchase price of our Volvo .

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That’s because when you buy a Volvo, Volvo knows you’re going to need a loaner car.



Tester might be right. I have no experience with newer Volvos but I had several friends who had fairly new Volvos in the 80s and all but ine had a service manual on the back shelf. His was a station wagon so I don’t know where he kept his service manual.:roll_eyes:


One reason I could see another dealership not offering a loaner car is that you didn’t buy the car from them so they don’t feel obligated to provide one to you, regardless.
Also, after listening to the video, I’d have to second CSA’s assumption that the steering wheel might be rubbing part of the steering column while you’re turning the wheel

Not really true. This guy has an old 1966 P1800 Volvo with 3 million miles on it