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2006 Saturn Ion - Interior Fan Noise

There is a strange tap/click noise that sounds like it is coming from near the glovebox when the interior fan is on. It goes faster when the fan is turned on higher, and of course slower when the fan is turned down. Any idea what this might be?

Sounds like it could be something in the air-ducts. Sorry to say…but you may have to remove the ducting (which is a royal pain on some vehicles) to get it out.

Possible…it also changes tone when I am braking (gets louder and a bit more harsh sounding) and accelerating (gets a bit quieter), so I’m wondering if the fan itself may be a little loose or something? Is something like that even possible?

It’s more likely to be debris of some sort. A piece of leaf from a tree often causes this. If you’re lucky it will clear out by itself.

The change in tone probably has to do with the speed of the engine, and the alternator, during acceleration vs. braking.

Thanks for the thoughts, I’ll certainly look into getting at the duct work when the temperature outside gets a little warmer here in Chicago.