2014 Ford Escape - whirring noise 25 mph

My car makes a whir, almost high pitch whistle noise, occasionally when I hit 25 mph and accelerate to 35. The sound only occurs in the warmer months (over 80 degrees F). Source sounds like it’s coming from to the right of the dash under the glove box. Not every time I accelerate, probably 15% if the time. So strange.

It only does it sometimes, and starts low pitch then ends high pitch when I hit 35. Almost like a singer going from low octave to the top note. Or when you hum and start low then go high and the hum breaks off at the top note.

https://streamable.com/3zgr1lPreformatted text

I had a similar thing happen on my 2016 Caravan. It turned out to be the plastic cowling under the wipers where it joined another plastic piece under the hood. The foam sealer between them gave up and I then had a whistle above 35 mph. The dealer could not figure it out-actually could not hear it. I could and I have lousy hearing ;). Took me a while to figure it out. Duct tape over the two pieces solved it. I have some door edge trim I will put on when I have some time.

Mine was speed related not engine speed. Also when I went into a head wind it happened at a lower speed.

If yours only happens during acceleration, might not be what I had.

Try accelerating more gently or building speed going down hill to see if it is related to road speed or engine RPM . Also on a clear road while driving @ 35 down shift from D to the next lower gear to see if the sound comes and goes.

There are reports of transmission problems with this car so the noise may be related to that

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Hmm did you watch my video? Mine sounds like it’s coming from the inside under the glove box / right if the dash.

Then you should focus on the HVAC blower motor, which is located underneath or behind the glove box. While I have no idea how a problem with the blower motor could be related to vehicle speed, I suggest that you focus on that mechanism and/or its resistors which control blower speed.

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I suspect the noise is from the A/C expansion valve.

It might also be the kick panel, or other panels, under the glove box. You could have someone ride with you and press on all the panels under the glove box and see if the sound is still there. Maybe not, but it doesn’t cost anything to run this simple test.

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Inspect or replace cabin filter. Just a hunch.

Replaced it twice. This sound has been going on for years.

Have pushed every area of the car, nothing but the engine rev / speed seems to impact the noise.

Ok. The sound persists even if AC is off does that mean anything? I have taken to multiple shops and all have not been able to reproduce. It only does it randomly and of course doesn’t make a noise at the shop…