Crack in Windshield - Travelling


Am wondering about the ability to repair a crack in my windshield or the need to get a new one. It started last week with a tiny ping on the left and is now travelling across the lower drivers side. Anyone know if it will stop, or if there is something I can do to slow or halt the travelling crack? Thanks.


It won’t stop and it can’t be repaired. You need a new windshield.


Here are the rules of reparing a windshield from different places I’ve used.

Can’t be repaired under the following conditions.

. A star type crach that’s larger then a quater.
. Crack larger then 6".
. If the crack goes to the edge.
. If the crack or start is in the drivers line of sight.


Your insurance might cover some of repair cost. Check with them. (Some insurance companies will pay the whole cost of fixing a “tiny ping” to prevent it from growing into a replace-the-windshield crack, but you are too late for that.)


Your windshield is indeed toast. I live in an area with a lot of construction and replace windshields every 5 years or so. In my jurisdiction, a crack across the line of vision would make the car fail a safety check, but the police are very tolerant. If the reflection starts to bother ny vison, I usually get a new windshield. Her the Allstate and others will not insure a windshiel for stone chip damage; only accidental damage cause by a collision. On American cars, windshields are quite cheap.


windshields are cheap, i get mine for 100-160


windshields are cheap, i get mine for 100-160

Depends on the vehicle. I’ve seen them cost OVER $1000. Most are well under $300, but I’ve NEVER seen them under $200…Unless you have glass coverage.


I just bought a used windshield for $75.00 at a junk yard that was in great shape. Saved about $100.00.


2-3oo if that still is pretty cheap