Windshild cracked...what now?

I’ve never had to deal with this before nor have any of my friends. My 2001 Ford Focus has a cracked windshield (thanks little rocks on highway!) and the crack is getting bigger…What goes into windsheild repair? Is there a such thing as “repair” for glass, or do I have to replace the entire thing? How do they remove it from the car?..I’m trying to understand this process…Any comments are appreciated! Thanks!

Dings, or chips can sometimes be repaired. A crack you either live with it or have it replaced. If you have conprehensive coverage you may get your insurance company to pay some or most, depending on your deductable. State law may mandate replacement, especially if the crack is in the way of the driver. Call around, you may find it is cheaper than you think. They will come to your home and it can take only a few minutes.

Yes, dings and chips can usually be repaired. Cracks can also be fixed …to an extent. Usually the repair places specify they won’t fix cracks past 2 inches in length-- though I’ve seen a couple places say they can fix’em up to 6 in.

I’ve had it done a few times on my company’s van. As I recall, it’s abt fifty bucks to get it done.

If you have an auto safety inspection in your state call a place that does the inspections with a good description of the crack (location, how far from your normal line of vision, just a “star crack”, or one with linear cracks; how many lines, etc.) If you don’t have a safety inspection in your state you still have a vehicle code, so in that case call the State Police. In Pa, you can’t have any defect

inside of a rectangle I think 8 X 5" centered around the driver’s line of vision, and no hazardous cracks outside of this rectangle. What’s a hazardous crack? Well one time an inspection mechanic where I worked had a 35 or so inch crack but not in the “rectangle”. They had a State Trooper whose specialty was State Inspection issues come out and he said the crack wasn’t a violation, FYI.

A crack can’t be fixed and a chip can only be sorta fixed. Check with the people who come to you to fix windshields. You might have one of the cheap and easy ones.

Check with your insurance company. Many policies with Collision and Comprehensive will cover the cost of the repair or replacement.

Step #1 read your insurance papers or contact your insurance company.

You may find as I did that it is covered, no deductible. Insurance companies like you to be able to see and they like you to have a structurally solid windscreen, both help your safety and reduce their overall cost. I don’t believe any will increase your payments for a single claim.

A crack can be kept from getting larger, but if it is more than about six inches or is in your line of sight it needs to be replaced.

I got a nice chip in the windshield of my Taurus years ago. My insurance policy said the damage would be 100% covered as well… However, I still found it easier to buy the repair kit for $5 and do it myself (just for the convenience)

10 years later and I can’t even find where that chip was… the repair kits can really work well.

Cracks you always replace winshield.

Each state is different…along with the insurance for that state. In NH a windshield must be replaced if the crack is in the drivers view or the crack is longer then 8" or the crack goes all the way to the edge. If the crack is under 6" and not in drivers view or touches an edge it may be repaired.

Also here in NH and many other states…Glass is a seperate coverage. If you don’t have glass coverage it does NOT fall under comprehensive.

If you live where it’s cold and you need the windshield it’s best to have it done in a heated garage. Many mobile units don’t even work during the real cold weather. Some do…but I prefer going someplace that does it in a heated garage.

I’ve had 2 windshields replaced and never had to pay for it. Here’s a good game to play if your insurer will pay for most of it:

Find a glass shop that will replace the windshield in the driveway and set up an appointment. They may then try to get you to bring it in for repairs by reducing or waiving the deductible. They waived my $50 deductible and made the repair free, twice. Make sure that they remember that it is free when you in for the repair and before it starts. There won’t be any arguements afterwards that way.