Windshield Crack

I had a nick that I did not see which turned into a crack across the bottom 1/4 of my windshield. Insurance does not cover the replacement and it is beyond repair. Wondering if it is a safety hazard as my view is not blocked so, does it need immediate attention or can it wait?

Insurance doesn’t want to cover it? You must have a high deductible.

A new windshield runs around $400 and most shops have mobiles that will go right to your home and replace the windshield. Although freezing temps may be a problem now.

You may be able to go 100ks before needing a new windshield, but me? I’d just change it and rest easy afterward.

Did you ask the insurance company when they did cover it? Usually about 6 inches or anywhere in the line of sight will get their attention.

To clarify, do you mean that the insurance company refuses to cover it or do you mean you don’t have the windshield coverage?

As for the safety issue, if you use the search function on this forum and search for “cracked windshield” you will find lenghty threads debating whether or not a cracked windshield compromises your car’s structure. I personally don’t think so, but there seems to be no clear concensus.

The cracked windshield should make no structural problem for you but you might want to make a phone call to your local police to ask what their policy is on a cracked windshield including their opinion on if the crack is in your line of sight of the road. If you are stopped for another reason and a cop sees the crack, he might not like it. You could say that you cleared it, so to speak, with your local police.

If a crack is not too long, windshield people can do a not quite invisible patch job with a crack sealer.

Insurance is different from state to state. Here in NH we have a seperate coverage for glass. My deductable is $500 on colision so the glass coverage is necessary. They cover 100% the cost of repairing my windshield and there’s a $100 deductable if it ever needs replacing. In other states glass is covered under comprehensive.

No, I have no windshield coverage seprate from my comprehensive collision coverage and Wisconsin is not one of those states that covers windsheilds ouside of the deductable. The cost of the windsheild replacement is lower than my deductable. More important question… Is the car safe to drive? I seem to be hearing that no one has a straight answer…

Quote: I seem to be hearing that no one has a straight answer…Unquote.

We’re not about to advise you that your cracked windshield is safe to drive with and then going down the road the damn thing comes apart and you come back on here yelling and screaming “you $#@$^%^ told me it was safe!”

I have a feeling you’re going to do whatever you want anyway. But that’s JMHO.

In Pa. here the rule is, no defects whatsoever around driver’s line of vision, and outside of that no “hazardous” cracks. I know of a case where an inspection mechanic inspected a car w/a crack almost just like yours; and was unsure if it was hazardous. The local State Trooper who specialized in State Inspection violations came out and said it passed, for what it’s worth. Click here for more:

Get another quote on your windshield replacement. This time tell the shop that you are paying for it yourself and not by your car insurance. You may be surprised how much the cost will drop.

I would (and do) fix cracked or pitted windshields regardless of insurance coverage or silly state laws. I agree that a glass shop will usually give you a very decent cash price on windshiel replacements, mine are only about $250, installed, at the local chain place. If you really don’t want to pay for the work now, it’s probably not a huge hazard (unless it’s obstructing you view), but I would get it done sooner than later.