Car windshield repair

There is a 2 small cracks on my windshield. Can you please recommend, is it repairable or should i need to replace all? Even after repair crack will be visible?

I am only able to upload 1 image, the other crack is little smaller then other.
Thank you

Cracks are not repairable. If you have full coverage insurance call them and see what they will cover . No insurance then you will just have to check with a couple of local glass shops for prices .

according to my insurance they are repairable, up to a certain length.
I don’t remember what it is.

I have a car insurance but there is a crack when i bought it. I think insurance will not cover this.

Then you should have asked to have the crack repaired or windshield replaced. If you had one and now have two ask the carrier anyway . The worst they can do is say No.

Any crack larger than a Quarter coin is not repairable.

Thank you for the suggestion.
The crack is less than a quarter coin, even after the repair this crack will be visible?

How about posting a picture of the damaged area MINUS the tape

We can’t get a very clear good image of the damage itself

But it does look like it’s directly in the driver’s field of vision, straight ahead, for that matter . . .

In such cases, I believe it’s advisable to replace the windshield

Now let me ask a rather specific question . . .

Is it a crack . . . ?!

Or is it in fact a chip . . . ?!

A crack . . . meaning an actual line . . . warrants windshield replacement

But a chip . . . or small bullseye, if you will . . . is often worth repairing, depending on the size and if it’s directly in your line of sight

It will be far less visible than now . . . but you will still see a “spot”

Another question . . .

How’s the rest of the windshield, aside from that damage?

Great shape?

Or pitted due to gravel, sand, etc. . . . ?!

If it’s the latter, just get the windshield replaced

Thank you for your great reply. I just bought this car last week don’t know its history much. Apparently windshield looks fine other then these cracks.

Regarding your question about the crack or Chip i can better explain examining the area after minus tape… but my guess is bulleye

I’ll try to remove the tape and post a clear picture in morning.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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The only valid opinion will be from the glass shop .


Contact your insurer and ask them. They might ask for pictures that you provide by email, and will probably send you to their authorized shop for repair. The repair will be a clear plastic injected into the crack or a windshield replacement. Just tell them there is a crack and don’t go into detail. I suspect you need a windshield replacement since this looks like it is in the driver’s field of view. Your state law will govern this, and your insurer knows the requirements.

Had a small crack in windshield repaired last year still fine.


cracks are repairable up to a given length.
state farm.

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If I have a crack as long as that one in the video I am getting a new windshield , period . The windshield is a structure part of the vehicle .


How would the Insurance company no there was a crack in the windshield

These cracks and chips may be to old and/or contaminated to repair.

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The windshield installer takes a picture beforehand just in case insurance needs it.

Thanks for that info

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Today i take a picture from inside. Please check this picture.
And i live outside USA, here the biggest problem is with the language.
Thank you for all your valuable information :slight_smile:

It actually looks bigger than I initially thought

That dark area in the 12 o’clock position looks massive

And it seems to be directly in your line of sight . . . ?

A new windshield is advisable, in my opinion

I’m not sure where you live . . . do they have mobile glass repair businesses which come to your home or your work during lunch hour?

That said . . . if you get it fixed, rather than replaced, it probably will not spread out

how about having one of those glass repair businesses come by and ask if they think it’s fixable, and if it’s worth it. Windshields are quite inexpensive here . . . don’t know how it is in your area.

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