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Cracked windshield

Hello, I discovered a 7 or 8 inch crack on my windshield today and I am not sure how serious of a problem it is. When I run my fingers over it I can feel a little round indentation where it looks like something it the windshield but the rest of crack can not be felt with the hand but it is visible. Is this dangerous? How long can I go driving with a cracked windshield? Could I get a ticket if I do not fix it? My car is a 2001 Rav 4 Toyota and this is the first time I have ever had this kind. I would appreciate any good advise you might have, thank you

Hi…The general rule of thumb used to be IF the crack was not in the driver’s view AND didn’t extend to more than one edge of the windshield, you were ok. As far as a ticket, I doubt you would get stopped or ticketed for only the crack.
BUT…New cars use the windshield as part of the structure of the car, so there is some chance, in an accident, your RAV4 would not protect you or your passenger as well as it would.
AND AND…Cracks only get bigger, so even if you don’t get it fixed right now, start saving up, you will need to pretty soon.
AND AND AND…you may (in fact probably do) have coverage with you insurance company that will pay most or all of the cost of a new windshield. Call you agent and see. They may require you to use an approved installer that they have some kind of deal with. But that is no big deal.

You must have led a sheltered life…Replacing windshields is like having your oil changed. When you need to, you do it. It’s not really a safety issue, but if your state still has a “safety inspection” they usually flunk you for it. Some states say “no cracks or breaks in the drivers wiper arc.” Cracks usually travel quickly all the way across and when you get tired of it, replace the windshield. I would wait until spring when they stop sanding the roads…If you have comprehensive insurance coverage, your insurance company will pay for it…

Give a call to your insurance company. Chances are good they will replace it free with out any rate increase and they can do it at your home. Ask the insurance company about it. You paid for this kind of service, so use it. Remember that not all policies will cover all possible situations, so if they say no, it likely means your policy does not cover it and you have not been paying for that coverage.

Good Luck

Thank you kindly to all three of you who responded, your advise is very valuable and helpful to me.