Crack in windshield, can we travel?



I noticed a crack in windshield of my windstar van and its around one feet long. There is a chip at the base of crack, so looks like something hit the windshield and the crack developed. Are cracks repairable or we need to replace the windshield?

Actually I am away from home and need to travel next two days (1100 miles, Fl to MI), will it be safe to drive with the crack? I have noticed the crack has increased by around quarter inch in last two days. Can it be repaired in couple of hours before starting the journey? Any locations in orlando area for that? Thanks,


A crack one foot long can’t be repaired with space age glue. Only very small cracks or “stars” can be fixed that way. Do you have comprehensive insurance coverage? That’s what will pay for a new windshield. It should pay even if you are 1100 miles from home. Installation is pretty quick, probably half an hour, but most shops don’t work on weekends. If you do not have comp insurance, call some glass shops and tell them it’s an out of pocket replacement. DO NOT call a Ford dealer’s body shop. You may be pleasantly surprised at how cheaply you can get it fixed, if you can find an open shop. I have not given over $110 for a windshield in over five years, and probably bought over 60 of them.

Now the question becomes, does it need to be replaced before you begin your drive home. Windshields are made of a three ply laminate with soft plastic between two layers of thin glass. That’s why they don’t shatter unless they are hit by something very large and or very hard. The probability of it breaking in on you is VERY slim. I’ve known people who have driven with cracked windshields for YEARS. If the crack is not in your line of sight driving it home is probably not going to be an issue. Some states have very strict laws about that sort of thing. I don’t know about those along your route.


“will it be safe to drive with the crack?”

Yes…A large percentage of the cars on the road have windshield cracks…Their occupants somehow manage to survive…


As long as you are not blinded when the sun shines on it, you will be safe. Change the windshield after the trip or you will be worried about damaging a new one while on the trip. Cracks can’t be fixed.


Thanks a ton for the replies, I will carry out the repair after my travel and keep an eye on it. I have comprehensive insurance but its basic and not broad (500 deductible), will it still cover the replacement? Any glass shops that you suggest in michigan? Thanks again


Yes, your insurance will cover it. I don’t know how much a minivan windshield will run. The way my insurance works, I pay the $500 deductible, and the insurance picks up the rest of the amount. There have been times where the deductible was more than the repair – so I had to pay out of pocket for the replacement with no insurance claim. Best wishes to you.


Hi: we reached safely without incident on Sunday, the crack only extended 6 more inches during travel. But now it has extended all across. I have got an estimate of $190.00 cash to get it replaced. This will be out of pocket as my insurance deductible is $500. Is this fair price for windstar windshield? will they add extra as the estimate says ‘may require moulding’?


That metallic looking trim around the windshield rubber is what locks it in… Your vehicle might not even have this molding…$190 bucks makes European car owners weep with envy…Don’t rush, wait until spring when sand and gravel damage has passed…


Call your insurance co. Normally glass replacement is covered with a low or no deductible. I can get my glass replaced for a 100$ payment even though i have a 500$ deductible because a poor windshield can cause accidents. Sometimes the glass policy is not clear.


You can have $500 deductible with full glass coverage or without, call your agent to find out which you have.


Since most auto windshields are now mande in China, it really doesn’t matter if you have a Windstar or a BMW. They all run about the same amount of money. BMW M3 Conv $110 , Mercedes 380 SEL $110, 1996 & 2002 Mustangs $110, all since Nov 1st.

Detguy, did you get more than one estimate and tell them it was out of pocket? $190 seems high to me.


Pretty much everyone in Alaska drives around with cracked windshields all the time. Unless you get two or more cracks running the same direction in the same direction near the same spot, it isn’t going to break through. It isn’t a safety issue at all.

The real risk is getting ticketed for it in some state full of morons who think that a crack in the windshield constitutes a dangerous obstruction to your vision. (Or a dangerously high amount of money in your bank account?)