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Converting manual locks to power locks?

I was wondering how to/ where i can get my manual locks converted to power locks


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JC Whitney would be a start to find the parts if you wished to do-it-yourself. Since the car was available with power locks, you should talk with the dealer to get a look at the mechanical parts your far doesn’t have and see what you may have to buy to add the power lock motors. You may also find the parts in a pick-your-part self serve salvage yard. That way you can get wiring pigtail connectors and switches, too. You MAY get lucky and find your car already has the wiring for power locks. Sometime car makers use the same wiring harness for both since its easier and cheaper not to stock two different harnesses.

If you want a shop to do the job, look for a specialty automotive shop. Regular auto repair shops generally won’t want to do this. You need to find a shop that does custom car work like building hot rods or modifying cars. It may end up costing more than you are willing to pay.

Car alarm places do this all day long, if you are looking for someone to do this for you.

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unless you can find a ready-to-go locks from the same model, but heftier options level, you can entertain something like this:

takes a little bit of DIY-ing and fiddling for the space inside the door to be free from moving glass and other parts, but worked great for me before, installing into the car which was not supposed to have any power locks from the manufacturer

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You may want to consider something.

While power locks are convenient, there is more to break down.

Thus, they will be more costly to maintain.