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Change window operation from power to manual

Both power windows on my 1997 Grand Am are broken and the last time I had one fixed it cost $500. I would like to convert the windows to manual from power. What parts do I need to buy to do so.

You would need to go to a junk yard and buy the guts from a manual door. It will be cheaper to just fix the power windows. You may even have to by complete manual doors to do this.

Yeah. At minimum you’d have to buy the new interior door panel and all the manual hardware, and then get it installed. It will likely involve a strong spring which will hurt if you screw it up.

Did both of them die at the same time? Have you checked the fuse? Have you popped the driver door panel to be sure the switch panel is still connected to its cable?

I agree, getting all the parts for the conversion would be tough. Maybe find a cooperative mechanic who will diagnose exactly what parts are needed, then you buy them from somewhere like and he installs them.

Rockauto does list the manual window regulators, but you’ll need other parts to complete a conversion.

First thing I would do is make certain that the Grand Am came with manual windows . . . some cars only have power windows. Easy enough to check on that. Next thing would be to hit the junkyards looking for the manual hardware (including door panels, handles, etc.) on a model exactly like or close to your year. Salvage parts in my area are pretty cheap . . . nowhere near the $500 you paid to fix the power window. I can’t imagine that the change-over would be that hard. Good luck! Rocketman

Street rod magazines have lots of ads from companies that make roll up window systems for use in home built hot rods. Pick one up at the local bookstore. I’ll bet you’ll find something.

Yes the GrandAm came with manual windows, but they are rare and I would guess hard to find. Not only do you need to find the car with manual windows, but the door panels AND they have to be the same color as your interior… Its going to take some leg work that is for sure.

If you do a conversion, It will also devalue the car when you go to sell it… Although that may not be an issue

Are you sure you dont have a bad master switch?? Sometimes when it goes bad, it takes out the window lock as well and as such none of the windows will work, when in fact it is just a bad switch…

Google Dorman window regulator. Dorman produces complete OEM window regulators. For the GrandAm there are listings for both manual and electric. If you are willing to tackle the project yourself replacing the motorized version might be the best way to go.