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Driver Door Lock Mechanism

My car occasionally locks me out! When I lock the car using the driver’s side automatic lock, it works fine, but then it won’t let me back in. My repair shop says the left-side locking mechanism needs to be replaced but they can’t get the part. The car is a 1992 Cadillac Brougham that I’ve had since new. I’ve tried posting the part on the salvage yard website and gotten no response. Does anybody have a suggestion, other than leaving the car unlocked? That is OK sometimes but not others. The car is in great shape and runs like a top. I don’t want to sell it–I would rather fix it if at all possible.

Your repair shop hasn’t been looking hard enough. I don’t know about dealer availability but door lock actuators are available in the aftermarket. I found several different brands online just now including AC Delco.

$34.57 plus tax and s/h

If you’re pretty certain this is indeed the problem, get the part and install it yourself.