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Power windows

Continuing the discussion from Convert power window to manual (?):

I’m trying to get power to my power window in a different truck that doesn’t have power controls, is this possible??

ANYthing is possible… but I don’t understand your question.

You have a door with power windows on a truck that never had power windows… is that correct? And you want to install switches and power to them? If that is wrong, please explain.

If I understand correctly, then what model, year, how did power windows come to be on a truck without them, how handy are you and do you own a digital volt meter?

I don’t understand the question either and the mentioned thread has nothing to do with what ever this person wants to do.

I THINK He wants to add power windows.

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If OP wants to convert from manual to power windows, better to just sell that car and buy one with existing power windows. That conversion would be a huge kluge and likely provide you grief for as long as you own the car. Oh, and it might start the car on fire.

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There are inexpensive power window conversion kits available, they were common 25 years ago.

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The way you wrote your description makes me think we need to ask Mr Tesla about his wireless power transmission theory.

Otherwise methinks you want to convert from manual to power windows in your truck.

Is it possible? Sure… Depends how much trouble you are willing to put up with. Some vehicles get the same wire harness…which would be the full feature harness for power everything, they simply leave what is not installed unplugged… However if they didn’t do this…you have your work cut out for you and it would not be worth your time. Possible, yes. Practical? No… All depends if you are already wired for this feature…if you are AND you have a donor vehicle…sure go for it. If you are not already wired for it then I strongly suggest you skip the idea.

If you bought a door with power windows from a recycler, to replace a broken door on your old truck, then try to recover the manual window machinery from the old door and put it in the replacement. Chances are the mounting points will be there and maybe the old door inside cover will fit too.