Convertible Saab

I have a 2000 Saab 93. The roof will not go down. I took it to a mechanic that said the fluid was low. He refilled the container and it worked well a couple of times. Now it doesn’t. I have not noticed any fluid on the garage floor or any smells were fluid has leaked in the car. Looking for any suggestions & any cost estimates?


You probably have a leak somewhere, but it could also be some other problem with mechanism. You’ll need a Saab mechanic with convertible experience - not very common these days, I bet.

Two folks I know had that vintage 9-3 converible, both had them repurchased by the dealer under the ‘lemon law’ because of problems with the top.

Does the pump motor relay click when you push the button for the top? I had to do a lot of work to my top motors in the past with my 900 Turbo Cabrio

That is a known weak spot on the old Saabs (leaks in the top mech)

Tell me about it… See mine in the pic?

Refilling any hydraulic system when the fluid gos low does nothing to correct the leak that allowed the fluid out. The reason you’re not seeing puddles on the garage floor is that the fluid is probably only leaking when it’s pressurized, perhaps only when the mechism is operating.

There should be a UV-sensitive dye at the part store that if properly used will show you where the leak is.