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Saab convertible top is balky and slow

Are there any Saab lovers out there? I have a '95 Saab 900 SE V-6 convertible. The convertible top goes down to the point where it is all stacked about two feet above the stowage compartment, then it stops. It will wait there for perhaps 30 seconds, and then SLOWLY collapse down into its hole. I don’t have to be pushing the switch for this to happen, altho it may happen more quickly if I do. At that point I have to push it down by hand to the point where the clamshell cover will close over the top and latch with the switch. When I put it up, it’s essentially the same story in reverse. It comes up to the same point, then stops and waits. After about 30 seconds again, it will continue until it is ready for me to pull it down in front and latch it. I suspect it may be low on hydraulic fluid, but I have no idea where the reservoir is, or what type of fluid it should have. I don’t find this info in the owner’s manual.It just says to take it to the Saab dealer if the top malfunctions. Good luck finding one of those these days.

Thanks in advance for your help.

No owners manual, service manual? A car of this vintage and model you really need a decent service manual, you will probably be needing it a lot. Most of the time the hydraulic pump and reservoir are located either under the back seat or in the side panels next to the back seat. The system may also have air in it. Sorry I can not be more specific, good luck.

Whenever anything get sluggish the first thing I do is just clean up & relube all of the moving parts.

If you keep working the top as it is you will, sooner or later, damage something, and then it won’t go up or down at all.

I’m sure you don’t want that.

I’m in the same camp as PvtPublic. You need a service manual for this car. As you said, Saab dealers are few and far between these days. A service manual would tell you where the hydraulic reservoir is and what type of fluid is required.


They might have the manual you so badly need.

I also suggest you search your local area for an independent mechanic specializing in Saab vehicles. Specialists are really helpful with cars like yours.