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2001 saab 93 oil leak

I have recently purchased a 2001 saab 93 turbo. shortly after buying it I noticed a small oil leak coming from the passenger side of the engine. The head gasket is not leaking and a saab mechanic here suggested re-torquing the head bolts which I did but didnt see any fix. It is just a few drops a day and sometimes it hits something hot and I get some smoke from the engine area. I have been reading alot and I am looking for some suggestions. My saab mechanic seems to just wing his thoughts…so I am looking to give him specific things to look at. My only other choice is the Saab dealership and honestly I can not afford to have them working on it. I have been reading about oil pump o ring… any suggestions…

Take your car to the do it yourself carwash and use the engine degreaser and then high pressure rinse. Get it clean. Now you cand look for the leaks. Could be valve cover, oil pump seal, pan seal or any number of the seals under the timing cover.

I did take it and wash it off and even took it to jiffy lube and had them detail the bottom of the car to make sure that I wasnt getting run off. Is the timing cover easy to remove? I will try to rewash engine. I was concerned with using high pressure wash in that area. engine area is so tight is is hard to see where it is coming from.

I will try it again.

Since the leak is from an obscure area you might consider this. Get a mechanic’s mirror and a fairly bright trouble light and check this in the dark; either in the drive at night or in an enclosed garage.
Sometimes the contrast is better in the dark in my opinion anyway.

You could also try one of the fluorescent dye/light kits sold at many car parts stores. It’s not expensive. Add the dye to the engine oil, run it for a while, and then (in the dark preferably) shine the light in there and see what’s glowing.
Hope that helps.