2004 Saab 9-3 convertible sunroof won’t go up

2004 Saab 9-3 convertible sunroof will not go up. Recommendation has been to repair/rebuild all cylinders. I do not want to buy another car. Question: Is it time to let this car go because of its age and 180000 miles?

Thanks for your reply.

You could leave the top up and continue driving the vehicle.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I’m doing; but still want to fix the problem w/o spending an arm & leg. How difficult is it to repair the four cylinders myself?

Are the hydraulic cylinders repairable? I have only replaced them (on Chrysler convertibles).

Replacing the cylinders won’t be cheap or easy, they cost $500 to $600 each.

First refill the pump and check how bad they are leaking, you might get another year or two of use by just refilling the pump.

180K on a 16 year old car from a company 11 years out of business. This is not a forever car, sorry. You’ll be very lucky to find the repair parts, for this let alone if anything else goes wrong.

You might want to walk away, or just keep driving it with the top up.

Mr. Mustang or anyone who might be able to answer this dumb question .
Lets say this Saab is in fair condition and the person wants to keep it for while.
Is it possible to remove the convertible power parts and raise and lower the top manually ?

There is a way to lower the top manually but it has a couple steps. There are specialists that rebuild the cylinders but you’re looking at about $400/ea from what i’m finding.

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You should be able to raise it manually without the cylinders. Might not go up and down easily, but you should be able to.

Are you sure it’s the hydraulics? A co-worker had his then-new Saab convertible bought back by the dealer because the couldn’t get all the electrical switches that control the top to work correctly.