Leaky roof

I have a 1999 saab convertible with only 60,000 miles on it. great car but recently starting leaking. water coming in across the front seat, dripping straight down on to seat and my head. also wet in back seat. cleaned out the well that runs around top. no apparent tears. can’t figure it out. had saab guys look at it and they don’t know why its leaking either. Any ideas???

If it’s the original top the material may be losing it’s ability to shed water. UV rays are really tough on those tops, especially if you live in the southern states. There are some “dressing” type products you might try on it to see if it helps.

Yea, it is not too new to need a new roof. I suspect that is the problem.

I suggest finding a convertible shop and have them take a look at it.

thanks so much. what are “dressing” products? and would you know what i should expect to pay for a new top. much appreciated.

thanks for the info.