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Community Account Recovery

For reasons unknown I have been unable to login to my previous account. I have been unable to contact a forum moderator to recover the account so I created this secondary account simply to post my experience and request assistance to recover my account.

I don’t know the exact cause of the problem, but I speculate that a non-printable character was accepted in the input field when i set my account up. I attempted account recovery supplying the email address used to set the account up, but the process claims that email account is not associated with any existing accounts in the community. I know there is no possible way I failed to supply correct credentials either during account setup or when attempting to log in once again after initial setup. The reason for that claim is that I use Keepass to manage credential storage. That leaves zero possibility for user typo errors or fat fingers as the IT world dubbs it. I have noticed in some apps that copy and paste operations on Linux or Windows with Keepass do have embedded within the Carriage Return or Line Feed (CRLF or LF) characters which is what I suspect as the source of the problem, but I can be wrong about that.

What is strange is that I was able to log in at least once after account setup to reply to a post before I lost access to my account. Another event that I cannot explain.

Moderators or Admins: Please email me for details of my previous username or simply look at my current email account for this profile and omit +ToWordsThatComeBeforeAtSymbol for the address of my other desired account.

@cdaquila can probably help you. She’ll get notice that she’s been mentioned in this thread now :slight_smile: