Clutch Pedal Gets stuck


Tom and Ray were taking about how the pilot shaft may not be allowing the bearing free movement. Or maybe that what we used to call the throw-out bearing may be seizing. That ids my interpretation. Is that right?

I had a '79 Honda Prelude which once the clutch pedal was depressed, the pedal would come back, but the mechanism was not returning somewhere else. I could verify this because there was very little resistance if the pedal were re-pressed then. Not only that, the clutch would not engage, and I’d have to wait until the thing would pop back on after a few seconds. Needless to say, it was to entirely a safe or convenient situation.

The fix was simply to pop out the little boot over the slave cylinder linkage or some other rubber seal at some inlet point and spray WD40 inside the whole clutch area. Afterward, I could feel the roughness of the bearing on the shaft, but it always worked after that.