Prelude ounds like a small diesel - help


I’ve got a '82 honda prelude (first generation) thats got 220,000 miles on it and it runs pretty good given the mileage. The problem I’m having now is that when driving (especially slower) and even when I have the clutch depressed. If I press it a few times, it may stop. So I guess its the clutch. Can anyone help my diagnose this? Thanks a bunch, Sean


If the engine’s making a “rattle-rattle-rattle” sound at idle, it probably just needs the valves adjusted. This is very common on Hondas, which need semi-regular valve adjusments which almost never seem to actually get done.

I’m not really sure about the clutch aspect of it. Can you elaborate on the problem?


Well, its a bit difficult to explain. When I move in gear under a load, there is a sound that I have trouble describing - maybe a whirling - not a grinding. Sometimes when I take the car out of gear, it continues to make a noise but differently, kinda a “burbula burbula” if that makes any sense. This noise is definitely coming from the transmission area. So I push the clutch all way a time or two it stops as if the clutch hadn’t fully disengaged. Now I don’t have any trouble going into or out of any gears. Does this make any sense? After reading it, I’m not so sure I understand what I’ve said.