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Lingering Clutch issue. Now pedal is stuck to the floor? - part falls off car

So I had been having a issues with my clutch. It was shifting fine(if shifted in a certain way) but between pushing in the clutch and shifting it started to become temperamental with some stuttering/grinding/ if not done properly also the pedal become hard to push in . However the car seemed to still be driving fine. I was thinking the clutch was only slightly messed up and it wasn’t going to lead to bigger issues.

Then tonight I try to back out of a parking space and all the sudden I hear major shutter within the car, going into gear felt Horrible, very rough as it backed out and then it all the sudden it sounded like a bunch of brittle metal just shattering. Almost like shattering ceramic plates for a split second. (Not sure what this was) however only did find a few pieces of metal bits on the ground. After that the clutch pedal sank to the floor and and the car no longer shifted into gear. Fluid pored on the ground and a piece of the the slave cylinder pump was found laying under the car, just the black piece. I have no Idea y it broke off, what exactly happed or how extensive the damage is. If anyone knows help would be very much appreciated.

I looked underneath the car and did find some damage. See my youtube video here. If anyone knows what this is or how back the damage is please let me know. Thank you so much!!

Looks like the pressure plate came apart and dislodged the clutch fork. With nothing to hold the clutch slave cylinder push rod in place the push rod and piston fell out spilling the clutch fluid. Pull back the clutch fork boot and look into the bell housing, inspect the condition of the pressure plate. The transmission will have to be removed and the clutch assembly replaced to repair this.

What do the cost look like?.

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We don’t know what kind of car this is or where you live or if other components got damaged.
Go to a repair shop and tell them what you have told us and get an estimate.

" I was thinking that the clutch was only slightly messed up and it wouldn’t lead to bigger issues" That thought did not serve you well. Repairs never get cheaper when ignored, only more expensive.


I got dizzy just watching that. Well more dizzy than I already am.


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