98 tracker with 5 speed manual transmission has new clutch pressure plate throwout bearing and shit cable. strictly mechanical clutch mechanism drive for about 30 minutes and clutch goes away and unable to shift gears. let it sit overnight will work until about 30 minutes of drive time when everything has a chance to heat up any ideas?

My first guess is the pilot bearing and input shaft. If you shift into 1st gear and then start the engine do you need to hold the brake to keep the vehicle from moving?

if you drive it long enough it will get to that point yes, but i guess i dont understand your theory of the pilot bearing and input shaft as a possible cause.

If the pilot bearing seizes, then it makes a direct connection between the transmission and the flywheel. It would be like welding the input shaft of the transmission to the crankshaft of the engine.

ok so i can see where that would cause a problem, maybe i should have added that after driving for 30 minutes or so and it gets to the point where it wont shift you can adjust the cable up some more and it will function again. i know this is the second clutch and pressure plate put in this vehicle in the last month or so. i dont know exactly what the people who put the first clutch and pressure plate in did. would a flywheel that is too thin act this way after it gets some heat built up in it?

Maybe something wrong with the cable?

@keith…there is definitely something wrong with the OP’s spelling of the cable.

Look where the clutch cable housing is attached at both ends…Especially the sheet-metal (firewall) end. If these mounting points are not solid, you will not be able to release the clutch…

You can adjust the cable up some and it will function again… Then after it warms up again(?) it fails. Then you adjust it again(?) and it works for a while.

Could it be that the cable is stretching?