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Interior Felt Lining Coming Off!

I drive a 2000 Volvo S80. There is a felt-like cloth that covers all the interior framing (side frames of the front window, doors and side frames of back window, etc.). The material is falling off the side frames of the front window. Underneath the material is a really ugly strange hard brown (looks like dark cardboard type color) - type of surface. I tried double-sided tape, but it’s not holding. Can you recommend a glue that would work on these materials - a hard, grainy, plasticy surface with felt cloth?

Has anyone heard of this problem and have a better solution? I contacted a professional car interior services, but he couldn’t promise much of solution. The felt material is starting bubble on other frame areas too, so I need help!

I’ve used spray contact cement on this type of stuff before, but the cause is normally moisture. See if you can address the cause, first.

Just be careful not to use too much. You only want a tacky surface. Much more and it will bleed into the felt, and turn sticky.

An upholstery shop will glue another one onto the backing. Nothing else will fix it. It should cost $300 if you go to some places. A big shop will want more.

Driving_a_lemon, This Car Is 10 Or 11 Years Old. That’s Well Into Senior Citizen Age For A Car, A Rolling Museum. Think “Washington Slept Here”.

Drive it until something more major pops up in the near future. Most Volvo owners would give their eye teeth to have their interior trim be their biggest car concern.

Just drive’r !

If you consider this problem driving a lemon, then either you have had lots of other problems with this car, or you are very upset with the peeling interior. If you haven’t had lots of expensive problems with your Volvo yet you are heading there real fast. A 12 year old Volvo is a very expensive car to repair and keep on the road moving forward.

You can go to an auto supply store and by “spray adhesives” for the interior of the car. Some are “moveable” and others aren’t. I just used a Permatex adhesive to clue a fabric panel that was separating on my '03 Honda Civic. I don’t consider this a lemon but it was getting annoying. The stuff is tacky immediately and was pretty easy to put the fabric back in place. The thing you need to do is tape off or protect areas where you don’t want the adhesive to go. A little bit of “Opps” cleaning solvent was needed to clean up after my glue job. I think the can of adhesive was less than $8.00 and I have enough left to clue a whole car back together. For me this was a DIY job.