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Clicking Noise

I am driving a 2001 S10 and it recently developed a clicking noise. Whenever I accelerate, the clicking noise increases respectively. I got home and looked under the hood and saw no fraying belts or anything out of the ordinary. Also, the clicking is not there when pushing the gas while in park. Any ideas? This vehicle IS my well being, please help.

Sounds like CV joints…I believe the S10’s has them…CV joinys will click when you turn your wheel and apply torque. The clicking should be coming from one of your front wheels and the sound will be much more pronounced while the wheel is turned. Go into a Cul de Sac and take a few laps one each direction and see what you get

If your S-10 is 2 wheel drive I would check your u-joints for play.

CV joints tend to click when you turn the wheel. But since you mentioned that the car clicks when accelerating, I would take a listen to the air conditioning compressor. If you have a bad ac compressor clutch, it will click loudly and rapidly whenever the compressor is engaged, and the clicking will increase with acceleration. Good luck.