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Clicking noise

I have a 91 camry and it regularly (but not constantly) makes a noice that I could best describe as a slow weed eater hitting a pipe or spray paint can being shaken very fast. It doesnt seem connected to speed although i dont hear is idling or at slow speeds (much), but does get much worse when I let off the throttle when about 30+ mph. I sounds like its coming from inside the car under the dash, and the best I can figure is a tranny issue I am hearing. It is an automatic transmission on a 4cyl 2.0L engine with 192k miles and no rebuilds. Am intersted in any thoughts anyone might have… Thanks

Clicking sounds are often caused by worn out CV joints. Look under the car to see if the boots at the ends of the CV axles are torn. A joint may be bad even if the boots are not torn. If you are unsure go have it looked at.

I thought of that earlier, but it being sensitive to speed and deceleration instead of turns made me skip that idea. But I will look tonight at the boots and this weekend at the joints if the boots look good, I have replaced those before on other cars so I can deal with that. Thanks