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Clicking noise when turning left while parking (forward or backing movement)

Hello all,

I have a rather annoying faint noise that appears when turning.
I had talked to mechanics at a Hyundai dealer(oil chance) or a brake shop (front brakes replacement)
and asked to look for the source of the noise. They found nothing significant.

Could you give me a hint about what to tell the mechanics to look at?

The problems manifests as follows:

When I exit a parking spot or enter it, moving forward or backward, if I turn the driving wheel all the way to the left,
I hear a clicking noise. Something like toc-toc…toc-toc-toc. The “toc” happens about once per second, faster if I move faster.
The sound is faint, my son cannot hear the noise from outside, only from inside, and the radio or air/AC would mask it.
The noise does not happen while driving.
If I turn the wheel all the way, start moving and the noise appears, then the noise continues even if I relax the wheel a little.
If I start moving with wheel not turned all the way, the noise does not happen.

Thank you all

Most likely a failing drive axle.


Sounds like a typical failing CV joint.


That’s a fairly typical symptom of a failing CV joint.

I’m not sure why the dealer wouldn’t jump on that as it’s a fairly simple repair that often costs about the same as a car payment to have professionally performed. Is your car under some sort of dealer warranty? What is the model year? How many miles are on the odometer?

I am presently researching a story about CV joints, and a mechanic I use for technical details told me that one way to predict a failed CV joint is the sort of sound you are describing. So I agree with all of the folks above that have said same. Odd that the dealer and brake shop didn’t make that call though.

  • all the others. A clicking with the wheel rotation during a hard turn is a prime symptom of a worn CV joint (but just replace the whole axle on that side). If the mechanic didn’t know this shame on him.

CV joints tend to last without periodic servicing about 60-100K. If you have more mileage than that on the existing ones, as posted above, that’s probably the problem. But if the rubber boot that holds the grease in, and road dirt out, if that fails, that’s pretty much the end at that point, irrespective of miles. Take a look under the car on both sides where the drive shaft meets up with the front wheel. There’s a rubber accordion shaped boot there on each side. Has it split open?

Hello all,
thank you for your replies, I took the car to the dealer and I mentioned the suggestions I got on
I got the CV joints fixed, the car still was under warranty. Noise seems gone for now, hopefully for good.

Best to all

good answer, the warranty covered replacing the joints, which I did.
I ended up paying for an alignment, which was also due.


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Request that you mark this as solved. Thanks for update.

Glad you got the problem fixed OP and back on the road with a quiet turning car. Good for you!!

I’ll add that it is quite odd the dealership mechanics seemed stumped by the symptoms you reported. I’m thinking there must have been some kind of miscommunication going on and they didn’t understand what you were saying for some reason.