Sienna, wheel noise upon acceleration

It?s hard to describe a sound on a discussion board, but here goes. I have a 2000 Toyota Sienna. Upon accelerating from a stopped position, I occasionally hear a low pitched ?click? noise in the passenger front wheel area. The more aggressively I hit the gas, the more likely the noise will occur. If I were very gentle, I would probably not hear it at all. It is more likely to occur if I am on a steep incline. This does not occur any other time I am driving. Usually, the car is going straight, not turning. I have not noticed the noise in reverse. I took the vehicle to a mechanic a few months ago, but he was not able to duplicate the noise ? so he was unable to fix it. This summer, it has become more frequent. I intend on taking it to the Toyota dealership this week. I was hoping that if someone out there had a similar problem, they could enlighten me. Thanks!

Could be a bad CV joint.

Try the Sienna Club for this question, too.

DIAGNOSIS ? The mechanic reported that the noise was the result of a loose bolt in the motor mount. Hopefully that will take care of the problem.