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Clicking Brake

My Saab occasionally makes a clicking noise from the back right wheel. It only clicks at low speeds (<35) and when I press on the brakes, it gets louder (light pressing) and then goes away (slowing to stop).

What makes it more interesting is that the car does not like to stop when the car has just been started. It takes a lot of push on the brake petal to get it to stop for the first 4-5 minutes.

The mechanics test drove it and they said there was nothing wrong and didn’t find anything with either issue. What might be wrong?

Flowers have petals. Cars have pedals.

Your mechanic is not driving the car under the same conditions you are. If there is ever a time when the car “does not like to stop” there is a serious safety issue. You shouldn’t have to push harder on the brake pedal when you first start the car.

Let the mechanics keep the car overnight so they can experience this for themselves. Otherwise, they will never find it.

In the mean time, stop kidding yourself that there’s nothing wrong. Why are you putting up with this? Doesn’t it scare you that the brakes are not working normally?

It should.

You’re worried about the clicking. I’m worried about the fact that the brakes don’t work when you first start the car.