Clicking sound while braking between 15-30 mph

I’ve gone to three mechanics with this problem and haven’t gotten a fix yet, although all three say that it’s not a safety issue. My car makes a soft knocking sound (think clicking your tongue) while I’m braking, but only between 15-30 mph - not at any other speeds, and not in the shop on a hoist. In trying to find the problem, mechanics changed my brake pads, calipers, motor mounts, checked the alignment, suspension, etc. The best I got was that it might be the booster, but I’m braking just fine besides the sound, so no luck. Any ideas on this mystery that’s stumped three different shops?

What kind of car is this? Just a little more info, please… FWD, AWD?

Taking a wild stab, I think a wheel bearing can make this noise, but I just don’t have much to go on here.

This is a long shot, if you have plastic wheel covers take them off the front and see if the clicking goes away. I had this problem with a 98 Windstar, since I knew it was the wheel covers I didn’t lose any sleep over it.

Ed B.

Check your CV shafts. My old Corolla had this clicking sound when going forward initially, or when backing out of my driveway, at 5 mph, but none when I drove off.

I had this issue with my 97 Taurus. The sound didn’t go away with new brake pads, but it did once I replaced the brake rotors. Pretty easy to do.

Oops, should have mentioned that this is a 1996 Buick Skylark - front wheel drive. Also, the clicking sounds like it’s somewhere under the hood section of the car on the left side (in front of driver’s seat). Will check out the CV shaft and rotors, thanks. Appreciate any more feedback if there’s any out there.