'06 saab 93


help!!! we just bought a used 93 with 22.000 miles on it. I am not sure that it is running smoothly but I cannot seem to get a satisfacory answer from my local and only Saab dealer. When accelerating and decelerating it “hesitates” or “bucks” a little, usually between 0 and 30-ish mph. After the 2nd time in I was told that maybe it is the breakes. but they are not bad enough to replace yet. Why would this occur when acceleratin though? Is it because I am a woman and the one to take it in that I am not getting satisfactory help? Also, when making a tight turn, I hear little clicking noises. I was told that it is a bolt rubbing on a circle that is not peffectly circular, that because it won’t hurt anything it is not covered under warranty and would cost 200.00 to repair. They said it is a common occurance but not a safety issue. HELP me. I have wanted a Saab for years but am not a happy camper right now.


A clicking noise while making a tight turn usually means a worn CV joint (part of the halfshaft, or drive axle as it may be called.)

It’s unusual for a CV joint to be worn at only 22k miles but if an axle boot has been torn then it’s possible. Dirt and water can do them in quickly, especially if the vehicle is in a northern rust state or has been into deep rain water runoff or flooding.

If the boots are not torn, then I would suspect the axles may have seen some hard driving by the previous owner and are prematurely worn.

As to warranty, I can’t help you there except to say that if this is a SAAB warranty, then a worn CV joint should qualify for warranty replacement.
I have no idea what they mean about the bolt and circle business.
Hope that little bit helps and good luck.