Grating Brakes

I was recently driving on a rainy highway going about 70 when a car braked suddenly in front of me which therefore forced me to slam on my brakes. I heard a grating sound when I did it but now I am hearing a grating sound every time I hit my brakes no matter how softly I brake or how fast I am going. I had my brake pads and rotors changed 5-6 months ago and just got my car serviced and inspected 3 days ago. Does this sound like a brake pad issue and if it turns out to be, am I responsible for paying for the repair given that my car just passed inspection with flying colors earlier this week? Please help ASAP.

I also drive a 2002 Saab 9.3 with 40,000 miles on it if that helps

I hope you get some more knowledgable replies, but MY guess is that something – maybe a pad, or part of a pad – has broken loose and is jammed in there, probably chewing up your rotor. For goodness sake, get it fixed before it causes an accident. The brakes are just about the most important system on the car.

As for “who pays,” the inspection has no effect (unless you could show that they missed something that they should have seen was about to break; and then you’ll be getting into a malpractice-type issue; good luck!). If a pad broke, then the warranty is probably limited to the cost of the pad; you’ll be stuck for the labor. I hope you saved all the receipts. If something in the caliper broke, then MAYBE the Saab warranty covers it.

I agree with art on the “who pays”. Unfortunately most state inspections only check the thickness of the pad and the facing on the rotors. A safety inspection is not extensive enough to diagnose and locate other brake problems.

Something happened when you slammed on your brakes. First place I’d take it to was the shop that replaced the rotors and pads 5-6 months ago. Tell them what happened and I believe they’ll be able to find the problem. If they are an honest shop, and the problem is related to their work, they’ll take care of you. Your best argument is that the act of slamming on the brakes should not cause the brake system to malfunction, especially one that was recently serviced.