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Classic Car won't start stuck in park in a tight spot

Hi there. I have a 73’ Buick Electra that I was storing in a parking garage under an apartment complex. The car won’t start. Someone tried to steal it and messed up the ignition so I can’t even get it into neutral. The ceiling is to low to get a tow truck in (6.5’ at the lowest point). I talked to a mechanic and he said I’d have to manually put it in neutral. How do I do that? I’ve been looking for literatur on it to no avail. Please help!

You’ll have to get under the vehicle, remove the shift linkage from the transmission and then manually move the the shift lever on the transmission into neutral.


A long shot, but maybe a locksmith could come out free up the linkage on the steering column.

Ed B.

Have you tried calling a professional towing company?

Many times they will put the car tires on what is akin to a dolly and simply push it out so they can winch it out.

That’s exactly what I eneded up having to do. After dealing with my auto club for 3 days. Having 3 different tow companys come out and couldn’t get it towed. I had all but given up. But they got someone in there that could manage the low clearance and get my car to the mechanic. Thanks.